Transfer Pricing and Review of Cross-border Transactions

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与许多其他国家一样,美国政府也采取了类似的措施.S. 税 rules strive to ensure that 税payers with common ownership are using “arm’s length” pricing when buying and selling products, bet9平台游戏, 对彼此来说是无形的.

本质上, “arm’s length” pricing means ensuring that related entities are paying their related counterparts the same prices for goods and bet9平台游戏 as they would be paying an unrelated third party. Each intercompany transaction must be separately accounted for in a company’stransfer pricing policy, 这是美国政府所要求的.S. 税 Code, must be maintained as contemporaneous documentation. 

We present practical, customized solutions to our clients’ unique transfer pricing needs. Thesebet9平台游戏include: 

  • 审计的支持 
  • 功能分析 
  • 可比公司分析 
  • 转让定价研究和年度更新 
  • Documentationofcomparable companies andassessments, in line with IRS and OECD requirements 
  • 转让定价计划 

We also work with specialists to include transfer pricing analysis for local countries, 与U合作.S. 报告. 


With one of the largest regional 税 practices in the country, Schneider Downs 税 Advisors’ personal focus on clients and in-depth understanding of current issues ensures that clients are complying with 税 filing requirements and maximizing 税 benefits. Our industry knowledge and focus ensures delivery of technical 税 strategies which can be implemented as practical business initiatives. 欲知详情,请浏览

Restore system on-site and avoid six-figure ransom.
Identified a $900,000 税 credit, nearly twice as much as prior years.

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